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We are Avembsys

Unique business model

Cost saving although has become a buzzword in current economic scenario, but it has always been a key agenda for you as an organization. Our business model is solely based on one goal: Cost saving for our clients. Avembsys has a distinctive business model: "partnership for talents: deploy them trained: save cost.

This model starts with through end-to-end understanding of your business processes, quality standards and tools & technologies used in your organization. We then train our buddies exactly as per your requirements, we call this customized training. We deploy these trained resources so that they deliver delight right from day one! Considering 100 consultants from Avembsys for calculation purpose, we guarantee a cost saving of about USD 500,000 EACH YEAR. Touch base with us and we will be happy to explain how it works.

Further to this, whats keeps us apart are:

We are highly competitive in pricing
We have ready pool of highly skilled resources who are specially trained in niche domains and technologies which always has a shortage of talents.
We have well thought and formulated delivery model under various technology delivery heads
We are a group of young, talented and highly experienced engineers and management graduates with rich experience in Avionics and Embedded systems software design, development and testing.
We are fast and highly sensitive to customer needs and requirments