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Telecommunication Solutions

Telecom service providers face several challenges today as they compete for greater market share and look to provide next-generation services. Emerging technologies are diverting customer interests towards new services beyond traditional voice telephony. With the introduction of high-speed voice, data, and video services by cable companies, satellite carriers, wireless broadband providers, cellular firms, and new fiber-based carriers, there is significant competition in the telecom market space necessitating adoption of cutting-edge technological solutions to remain competitive.

The telecom community needs to be assured that its system and data can match the increasing demands on FixedNet and Wireless Networks. In the case of Inventory Network, where dramatic changes are taking place in terms of global deployment of an IP-based Next Generation Network (NGN), it is crucial that the system and data support this new business model.

Our competency in telecom includes

GSM Mobile Technology
RTP - Real Time Protocol
Internet Telephony - VOIP