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We are Avembsys

Avembsys is an engineering research & development organization with strong focus on Avionics and Embedded Systems. The word 'Avembsys' is derived from Avionics and Embedded Systems. We provide services to a wide range of industries - Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, HiTech and Telecom.

Avembsys has a distinctive business model: "partnership for talents: deploy them trained: save cost ". Our extensive combination of consulting, software development and testing capability based in India with global delivery model that provide interface and project management to the customers locally. We are curently operating from India.

Our customer specific domain expertise, people and processes, technologies, tools and training gives us a cutting edge in delivering delight to our customers. We draw on this strong foundation to create measurable business impact for customers around the world, we are committed to create long-term relationships with many of the most recognized names in their respective industries.

The Team

Rizwan M.: Rizwan is an MBA, AMP from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and HEC, Paris. Having vast work experience in Banking and Finance in various multinational banks in India and abroad. He has also worked as domain specialist in Banking and Finance with various IT services organizations. He is an expert in Strategy, Sales & Business Development, Corporate finance, Budgeting and Operations.


Dr. Bhadresh Rami: Dr. Bhadresh has a Post-Doctoral research in mechanics underlying the functioning of nano-motors at the Stanford University, California. He earned his Ph.D from the prestigious Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Bangalore, India. Bhadresh has tremendous inter-disciplinary research experience working with nanometer sized entities and has several discoveries and inventions to his credit. Dr. Bhadresh is currently leveraging his experience to develop novel applications in the field of nano-technology and development of novel nano-materials. He routinely consults companies for the evaluation of Invention disclosures and patentability analysis of proposed invention on grounds of novelty and inventive features. Being an avid speaker, he uses his interests in the synthesis of Yoga and Modern Science to offer counseling for holistic health in a corporate atmosphere. Dr Bhadresh has work experience in the capacity of Senior Scientist and Chief Scientist in various organizations in India and abroad.

Sumit Airan: Sumit is a Post Graduate in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He has worked on designing efficient aircraft engines. Sumit has worked extensively on visulization of stress and strain using online data acquisition. He has also worked on control developments of fixed wing micro air vehicle. Sumit is an expert in computer applications in aerospace engineering and avionics.


Antara Hazarika: A graduate of the Industrial Design Centre IIT Mumbai, Antara is an Innovation Consultant at Avembsys. She has been working in the area of New Product Innovation and has helped companies to accelerate the Ideation and Product development process. Academically trained in the visual arts, theater and movement arts she actively uses a host of techniques to help facilitate creative thinking in the product develoment process. Antara actively uses Design Research and Design Thinking which not only visualizes ideas but also generates new possibilities.Antara was part of the team that was awarded the "The Most outstanding Design Process" by Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA for designing a product to facilitate emotional communication between non verbal spastic children..

Shad: Shad is an MBA in Human Resource from University of Wales, UK having experience in HR activities in medium and large organizations. He is a specialist in Talent acquisition and Talent retention activities. Shad is currentlys heading our HR processess and making it sure that right talents are available at the right time.